Steps in Customizing Patches

patchesPatches have gone a long way from being an accessory for group formalities and official events or awarding ceremonies, to being elements that can actually make a piece of garment more fashionable and attractive. Gone are the days of symbolist patch and in comes the trend of customizing one’s own to convey style, individuality and creativity.

Whatever your reason for obtaining one, our company can help you get your desired patch. With our skilled and experienced staff, as well as our state-of-the-art equipment and machineries, every detail, however fine and specific it is, will surely be accommodated. For details, listed below is the step-by-step procedure in customizing a patch.

Designing a Patch

Most people who want their patch customized have specific designs or images in mind. Our company receives this copy and reviews it as reference. While we prefer digital copy of the wanted design, we still accept any form of artworks or pictures for the designing stage.

If you have not yet created a particular design, our skilled graphic designers are more than willing to help make a design from scratch by just turning your ideas and inputs into visual reality.


After finalizing a design, the next process we undertake is making a digital proof, which the client can review and subsequently approve, or ask for revision until the standards are met.

Patch Size

Sizes vary from small, boy-scout-badge-sized patch to large, biker-jacket-sized patch. There is no standard size when it comes to creating a patch, but determining the wanted size of the patch should not be forgotten.

The first consideration in choosing a patch size is the desired placement. Do you intend to place it on the front pocket wherein the space is limited? Or do you plan to place it at the back of a leather jacket, wanting to cover the whole area?

The next consideration is whether you will attach it in conjunction with other patch. One small patch takes only a little space, but combine it with all your desired patches and it will take more space than you expected.

Of course, it is important to note that its design is also a factor in actually choosing the size of the final product. Our patch-making process is fairly advanced, but there is still limit on the minute details that you can actually incorporate into the patch, especially if it is too small.

For reference, our company has a scheme to standardize patch sizing. To get the size of a patch, its length, in inches, is added to its width, also in inches. The sum is then divided by two and the result is the final patch size. This size comes in play when it comes to costing.


Embroidery Coverage and Twill Color

Patches are basically embroidery images on a piece of background called twill. Depending on the design and your preference, the image itself can cover 50% -100% of the twill.

PatchGenerally, the less design coverage on the twill, the more the image will look embossed and rough-looking. Additionally, part of the twill will be exposed in contrast to the image, thereby emphasizing the importance of twill color. Our company offers various twill colors that you can choose from to make your design stand out or even blend from the background. But again, if unsure, you can seek the advice of our friendly staff to make the final product look the best it can be.

Patch Backing Options

Patches can have different kinds of backings. Each backing option has its advantages and advantages. To get the best out of your patch, you need to carefully think about your backing choices.

The first option is the tape backing. This backing uses adhesive to cling to a garment. It is not for permanent attachment. Another option is the iron-on backing. With this backing, the patch is attached by simply ironing it over the desired location. The next option is the Velcro backing. This allows the wearer to remove the patch easily and interchange it with another.

The last option is the button loop. In this, you only need to hang the patch from a button or lapel pin using the loop of thread that extends from the main patch itself.

Patch Cut Edge

Some designs are so intricate that they will look better when they are not confined to the normal standard edges and shapes. For this reason, our company offers customized edge cutting to highlight its fine details. However complicated it may seem, our technology’s accuracy and precision is guaranteed to bring a better look to a patch’s border or outline.

Patch Price

Patches will have different costs based on different factors. Essentially, all the choices made during the customizing process will have an effect on the final price. You have an assurance that you will get real value for every penny you invest on the product. However, if you have a limited budget, you can easily contact us for more reasonable quoting and estimation.