Several Types of Golf Bags

Golf is a sport typically associated with clubs and balls. The players must hit the balls towards the holes on the ground. This game originated in Scotland, but was later banned because of being a distraction to archery. It was James IV who became the first golfer for himself after lifting the ban in 1502. Then, many people had been able to develop the rules for the game, and the equipment needed for playing.

Golf BagThe main equipment needed for playing the golf are the club and balls. However, if you are a real player of this sport, there is one thing that you shall not forget. It is the golf bag. For professional golfers, it is not just a typical bag like a backpack. But, it is quite special because it is specially made for players of golf and for carrying essential items to be used in playing the sport.

The golf bag can carry all the equipment needed for playing the game. Aside from the club and balls, you may also put tees, umbrella and any other essential items you want to put in the bag. Before buying a golf bag, you must first consider different things. You must know how often you play this kind of sport. It is either you are playing a golf on your free time only, or if you are routinely playing the game for almost every week. This needs to be known clearly because it will be one of the bases in buying bags.

You must know the different types of golf bags before you decide to buy one.

One of the most common types is the staff bag. It is commonly used by professional players. It is quite heavy, yet it has a lot of space inside. It can be considered as top of the line. Though it lacks lightness, this kind of golf bag has a plentiful storage.

Another type is the cart golfing bags. It is lighter than the staff bag, but has the same quality. It is made up of a durable material and is usually carried by putting it in the push cart. If you are a type of player who does not use a cart, don’t even consider this one. Though it is lighter than the staff bag, which weighs about 6 pounds, it is still too heavy to be carried. It is best to be used when you have a golf cart. It has a rubber that prevents the bag from slipping off from the cart. Moreover, these kinds of golf bags offer easy access to your items while remaining attached to the golf cart.

One more kind of golf bags is the carry type:

Golf-BagIt is the lightest type of bag that usually weighs about 2 pounds. It has a big difference between the other types of bags because it typically contains just only two dividers.The carry bag is considered to be the minimalist type. It is very applicable for golfers who want a handy type of bag and who plays anytime. Though it is a lightweight bag, it can carry your essential items like balls, gloves, tees, and much more.

There is also a stand type of golf bag. It has a special feature which is its retractable legs. These legs were made to allow the bag to stand while the golfer is playing. This kind of golf bag is suited for walkers because anywhere the player may go, he can easily stand the bag on the surface. The average weight of the stand bag is 5 pounds.

If you’re planning to buy golf bags, you may consider Rock Bottom Golf. This company offers a lot of choices for varying types of bags. Among the list are the stand, cart, staff or tour, and travel bags. Aside from the bags, the company is also offering push golf carts and accessories.

Choose the best type of golf bags that will surely suit to your personality and needs.

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