Steps in Customizing Patches

patchesPatches have gone a long way from being an accessory for group formalities and official events or awarding ceremonies, to being elements that can actually make a piece of garment more fashionable and attractive. Gone are the days of symbolist patch and in comes the trend of customizing one’s own to convey style, individuality and creativity.

Whatever your reason for obtaining one, our company can help you get your desired patch. With our skilled and experienced staff, as well as our state-of-the-art equipment and machineries, every detail, however fine and specific it is, will surely be accommodated. For details, listed below is the step-by-step procedure in customizing a patch.

Designing a Patch

Most people who want their patch customized have specific designs or images in mind. Our company receives this copy and reviews it as reference. While we prefer digital copy of the wanted design, we still accept any form of artworks or pictures for the designing stage.

If you have not yet created a particular design, our skilled graphic designers are more than willing to help make a design from scratch by just turning your ideas and inputs into visual reality.


After finalizing a design, the next process we undertake is making a digital proof, which the client can review and subsequently approve, or ask for revision until the standards are met.

Patch Size

Sizes vary from small, boy-scout-badge-sized patch to large, biker-jacket-sized patch. There is no standard size when it comes to creating a patch, but determining the wanted size of the patch should not be forgotten.

The first consideration in choosing a patch size is the desired placement. Do you intend to place it on the front pocket wherein the space is limited? Or do you plan to place it at the back of a leather jacket, wanting to cover the whole area?

The next consideration is whether you will attach it in conjunction with other patch. One small patch takes only a little space, but combine it with all your desired patches and it will take more space than you expected.

Of course, it is important to note that its design is also a factor in actually choosing the size of the final product. Our patch-making process is fairly advanced, but there is still limit on the minute details that you can actually incorporate into the patch, especially if it is too small.

For reference, our company has a scheme to standardize patch sizing. To get the size of a patch, its length, in inches, is added to its width, also in inches. The sum is then divided by two and the result is the final patch size. This size comes in play when it comes to costing.


Embroidery Coverage and Twill Color

Patches are basically embroidery images on a piece of background called twill. Depending on the design and your preference, the image itself can cover 50% -100% of the twill.

PatchGenerally, the less design coverage on the twill, the more the image will look embossed and rough-looking. Additionally, part of the twill will be exposed in contrast to the image, thereby emphasizing the importance of twill color. Our company offers various twill colors that you can choose from to make your design stand out or even blend from the background. But again, if unsure, you can seek the advice of our friendly staff to make the final product look the best it can be.

Patch Backing Options

Patches can have different kinds of backings. Each backing option has its advantages and advantages. To get the best out of your patch, you need to carefully think about your backing choices.

The first option is the tape backing. This backing uses adhesive to cling to a garment. It is not for permanent attachment. Another option is the iron-on backing. With this backing, the patch is attached by simply ironing it over the desired location. The next option is the Velcro backing. This allows the wearer to remove the patch easily and interchange it with another.

The last option is the button loop. In this, you only need to hang the patch from a button or lapel pin using the loop of thread that extends from the main patch itself.

Patch Cut Edge

Some designs are so intricate that they will look better when they are not confined to the normal standard edges and shapes. For this reason, our company offers customized edge cutting to highlight its fine details. However complicated it may seem, our technology’s accuracy and precision is guaranteed to bring a better look to a patch’s border or outline.

Patch Price

Patches will have different costs based on different factors. Essentially, all the choices made during the customizing process will have an effect on the final price. You have an assurance that you will get real value for every penny you invest on the product. However, if you have a limited budget, you can easily contact us for more reasonable quoting and estimation.


Custom Coins at

The rising interest in giving custom coins as gifts or memorabilia has led to a growth in the industry. Once upon a time, producing these customized coins was more of a niche business. Today, more and more people want to get a slice of the action.

The number of coin makers out there makes it very difficult for a lot of people to choose which one to approach and work with. Most people haven’t the slightest clue what makes one coin maker better than the other. is one of web’s best resources for customized coins. Our products are topnotch. Here are some of the more outstanding qualities of

Talented artists

Custom Coins DesignCustomized coin design can be a huge pain. Most people haven’t the slightest clue on what to do. They try to come up with ideas only to come up with a poor design that doesn’t really live up to what the coin is meant to celebrate or commemorate.

The problem with a lot of the other producers of custom coins is that they do not spend as much time and effort in the design stage of the process as we do. These coin makers are content with using the designs that their clients hand them with little to no care how it turns out.

At ChallengeCoins4Less, our artists bide their time and make efforts to communicate with our clients. We want them to participate in the creative process of designing the coin since it is, after all, their project.

We’re here to help facilitate the design stage. Our artists are talented and pay attention to what our clients look for. Clients remark how easy it is to deal or work with our in house artists.

Quality materials

A good coin is made out of high quality materials. It wouldn’t matter if a coin was designed by the best artists on the planet if it’s made out of cheap materials.

We here at ChallengeCoins4Less make sure that our coins are made from the best metals on the market. We have gold, brass, and so much more. These metals aren’t cheap knock offs. They are the real deal.

Our customers only get what they pay for with We make sure that the metals we use for our coins are the ones that can stand the test of time. They’re resistant to both scratching and fading making them an ideal commemorative piece.

Industry experience

Making custom coins can be a challenging process. Few can actually make a quality product. has extensive experience when it comes to dealing with the right people in the industry.

Our contacts are some of the most reliable people in the business. They’ve been making coins for the longest time and know where to source their materials. Our partners abroad have been working with us for years. The strong relationship we’ve built is what allows us to work efficiently and produce the kind of coins that make our customers glad that they chose us.’s network and infrastructure allows us to make the design and production process as quick and possible. We can make a proof in a short amount of time so you can see what your coin would look like without having to wait too long.

Coins as cool tools makes sure that clients get what they want. Sometimes we can also give them more. People think that customized coins are only for show. That the main purpose of these coins is that they look cool.

Today’s coins can be customized not only by shape, but also by function. Some of our coins can be used as bottle openers for example. Not only will the coin look good, but it can also be used for drinking sessions.

challenge coinsPeople might wonder, why a bottle opener? See, the first challenge coins had a bit of history to them. They were slammed on the table to see if the other party had one. Failure to show the coin meant that the challenged had to buy a round of drinks. When the challenged soldier had his coin then it would be the challenger who would buy the round.
Options, options, options offers more options than most customized coin makers. We can produce coin shapes that most people didn’t even imagine were possible. Clients have left us satisfied that their coin didn’t just have a unique look, but a unique shape to go with it.

We can add a unique finish to the coin to make it shinier or give it that old antique polished look. The sky is the limit with custom coins from

Getting the Right Manufacturer for your Printed Circuit Boards

The electronic industry has a huge demand for printed circuit boards as more electronic devices are invented or manufactured. The printed circuit board or PCB is an essential component of many electronic products. PCB is also known as PWB or printed wireless board. Manufacturers of PCBs, like pcbnet, usually use glass reinforced plastic in manufacturing the boards.

We pcbnet have been in the business of PCB making for 26 years, and we could not have made it this far if we have failed to deliver quality products to our customers. In this modern era, where a new electronic device is practically invented every hour, we expect a significant increase in PCB demand. We intend to provide quality PCBs all the time and deliver without delay.

Fundamental Functions of PCB

The PCB has schematic diagram printed on it. The diagram shows where each electronic component must be inserted or placed. The PCB also serves as a board base to provide mechanical support for the electronic components and wiring of a particular device. Big manufacturers of electronic devices or gadgets usually let the machine handle the proper placement of the electronic components to the finished PCB.

Another fundamental function of PCB is that it interconnects the components of the electronic device. It also provides input/output connections that make interaction possible between the user and the electronic device.

Functions of PCBPCB experts might remark that there are other functions that are worth mentioning. Some of the other functions are electromagnetic shielding, electrical independence matching, and heat transfer.

Typically, the electrical engineer is the one responsible for the schematic diagram and design of the PCB. It is important to come up with an electrical design that minimizes the number of connectors, printed circuit boards, electrical components, and others. Reducing the number of the needed components can help reduce the cost of production and increase the product’s performance. The engineer or designer must make sure that the device will truly work with ease and utmost efficiency.

The Search for a Dependable PCB Provider

If you are a businessman who wishes to manufacture electronic gadgets or appliances, then you need a dependable PCB supplier or provider that can make on time delivery of quality PCBs. You need to start searching now to lessen your worries. But, how will you know that you found the right one?

PCB ProviderTo be blunt, it is not that easy to find a dependable PCB provider. You need to allot ample time to conduct your research. You can start with a list of PCB providers that look promising. You can narrow your list later once you have checked the authenticity of the company.

Once you have narrowed down your list you can begin your thorough investigation. You can browse the net or ask around to check the background of each provider. See the different reviews and testimonials as well as collect other pertinent pieces of information that you come across with. You can omit the names of the providers of printed circuit boards that you don’t want to work with.

You can also set an appointment for a meeting or visit the provider’s nearest office. Ask for their company portfolio, verify the validity of the license and permit, investigate if they can deliver the finished product on time, and ask for samples of their work. When you compare their rates you also need to consider the quality of their work. Most cheap materials are low quality, and using them will also affect the overall quality of your finished product. You can try bargaining for the rates later.

If you are an entrepreneur who wishes to manufacture electronic devices or appliances, then we can help you with all your PCB needs. We offer high quality and inexpensive PCBs.

It is important that your printed circuit boards provider understands the importance of producing consistent and uniform PCB schematic and design. Your chosen provider must employ strict quality control to make sure that the finished PCBs are correct and can be delivered on time.

Several Types of Golf Bags

Golf is a sport typically associated with clubs and balls. The players must hit the balls towards the holes on the ground. This game originated in Scotland, but was later banned because of being a distraction to archery. It was James IV who became the first golfer for himself after lifting the ban in 1502. Then, many people had been able to develop the rules for the game, and the equipment needed for playing.

Golf BagThe main equipment needed for playing the golf are the club and balls. However, if you are a real player of this sport, there is one thing that you shall not forget. It is the golf bag. For professional golfers, it is not just a typical bag like a backpack. But, it is quite special because it is specially made for players of golf and for carrying essential items to be used in playing the sport.

The golf bag can carry all the equipment needed for playing the game. Aside from the club and balls, you may also put tees, umbrella and any other essential items you want to put in the bag. Before buying a golf bag, you must first consider different things. You must know how often you play this kind of sport. It is either you are playing a golf on your free time only, or if you are routinely playing the game for almost every week. This needs to be known clearly because it will be one of the bases in buying bags.

You must know the different types of golf bags before you decide to buy one.

One of the most common types is the staff bag. It is commonly used by professional players. It is quite heavy, yet it has a lot of space inside. It can be considered as top of the line. Though it lacks lightness, this kind of golf bag has a plentiful storage.

Another type is the cart golfing bags. It is lighter than the staff bag, but has the same quality. It is made up of a durable material and is usually carried by putting it in the push cart. If you are a type of player who does not use a cart, don’t even consider this one. Though it is lighter than the staff bag, which weighs about 6 pounds, it is still too heavy to be carried. It is best to be used when you have a golf cart. It has a rubber that prevents the bag from slipping off from the cart. Moreover, these kinds of golf bags offer easy access to your items while remaining attached to the golf cart.

One more kind of golf bags is the carry type:

Golf-BagIt is the lightest type of bag that usually weighs about 2 pounds. It has a big difference between the other types of bags because it typically contains just only two dividers.The carry bag is considered to be the minimalist type. It is very applicable for golfers who want a handy type of bag and who plays anytime. Though it is a lightweight bag, it can carry your essential items like balls, gloves, tees, and much more.

There is also a stand type of golf bag. It has a special feature which is its retractable legs. These legs were made to allow the bag to stand while the golfer is playing. This kind of golf bag is suited for walkers because anywhere the player may go, he can easily stand the bag on the surface. The average weight of the stand bag is 5 pounds.

If you’re planning to buy golf bags, you may consider Rock Bottom Golf. This company offers a lot of choices for varying types of bags. Among the list are the stand, cart, staff or tour, and travel bags. Aside from the bags, the company is also offering push golf carts and accessories.

Choose the best type of golf bags that will surely suit to your personality and needs.

How Qualified Keynote Speakers Transform Conferences and Other Corporate Events

With proper training and skills development programs, keynote speakers can effectively turn any conference into a successful corporate event. All the content that these speakers provide actually have areas of focus. They may specialize in specific topics including sales and global affairs, but the main goal is to educate the audience. However, team building and positive thinking helps in cultivating the participants to learn from the entire talk.


So whether you need someone who can talk about company culture or customer service, it’s important to find a professional who is dedicated in performing his job. Other specializations include entrepreneurial leadership, hospitality, and even the behavior of millennial people today. But understanding how keynote speakers can improve productivity and performance of employees can help you achieve your business goals in no time

Finding a Reliable Speaker to Meet Specific Objectives

For those who want to hire speakers who can promote certain work ethics, it’s essential to consider experience and specializations. The overall success of the event will always depend on the type of speaker you work with. So before you decide to hire a keynote speaker for your upcoming conference, here are some practical guidelines that can help you simplify the process:

1. Find someone who can change and enrich the minds of the audience. This will also help in persuading them to act on something and be more responsible in their tasks. For instance, if you want a more productive team, speakers who specialize in employee development can certainly help.

2. One that can encourage meaningful change despite the obstacles in the way. It’s important to provide real-life situations to help them completely understand how to handle such circumstances. Keynote speakers are also social creatures who serve as ideal vessels in relaying message.

3. A speaker should be able to move his audience and take actions. They are usually taken to an emotional and intellectual journey that guides them in creating new outlook in life. Also, an excellent keynote speaker can make his audience commit in the change they need and do what they are advised to do.

4. With the appropriate tools, message, and delivery, speakers can encourage their audience into accomplishing what they need to get done. The training as well as programs that these speakers undergo are essential in influencing the audience positively.

However, it’s not sensible to completely expect that keynote speakers can quickly fix a really serious and long-standing problem within that 45-minute keynote speech. But with the powerful delivery can at least open the minds of the audience, they understand where they need to start resolving the problem. Through proper techniques, memorable examples, practical explanations, and new ideas, listeners can surely learn how to deal with the issue. Some speakers also create a custom plan to effectively move the audience to action and attain goals.

Taking Advantage of an Excellent Keynote Speaker Online


Reliable SpeakerAnd to extend the impact of keynote speeches, speakers need to have their books during the conference so that the audience will have a reference even at home. Being in front of a large audience takes a lot of courage and expertise to edify them according to the objectives of the event. If speakers can provide books for the audience, they can both serve as an extrapolation and souvenir. That way, people can refer to the book whenever they have some insights to know more about. You can consider this also if you are planning to hire a speaker for your next event.

With, you are guaranteed to have everything you need for your next event. Our speakers are highly trained and qualified to provide you with all the necessary details required in the conference. All you need to do is fill us in or give us some ideas that you want to include in the planning. The difference that speakers can make will help clients meet their needs and standards. So if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them. Through compelling material and compelling speaker, the outcome will be more useful and memorable than using similar material with lame presenter.

All in all, that is why it’s really important to choose an experienced speaker before hiring them.

An Article Writer’s Do’s and Don’t’s

Creative writingIt’s no secret that writing articles takes a certain technique. It does take a fair degree of know-how to condense mountains of research into readable chunks of information and to do it with the appropriate style as the client’s purpose dictates. With that said, a good article, regardless of the topic, should be informative, interesting, and memorable.

        Clearly, each experienced article writer would have his or her own way for coming up with such a finished product. However, there are a few do’s and don’t’s that newbie writers can bear in mind to help them hone their craft. These are as follows:

  1. Do have an outline of your main points before you start writing. A good article writer can spin a quality article out of thin air, but this is often the result of months and perhaps even years of drafting a checklist of main points and sub points relating to their chosen topic. This sort of practice not only gives direction to the writer’s efforts, but it also ensures that the article flows in a smooth and logical fashion.
  1. Don’t forget your audience. In the same way that you wouldn’t use big words like photosynthesis to explain how plants grow to a four year-old, you wouldn’t oversimplify the process of search engine optimization (SEO) when addressing the proprietor of an online business. The same concept applies when an experienced article writer begins work: you have to keep your audience in mind as you choose your words and form the structure of your articles.

Are you looking to sell a product or service? Is your article meant to be informative while maintaining a warm and friendly tone? Should you stick to presenting a cut and dried view of a basic procedure? These are just a few of the questions that you need to address so you can craft your article in a way that communicates with your target audience best.

  1. Do choose a compelling title for your article. The title is the first thing that your readers will see. More often than not, a reader decides whether they want to read an article or not based on its title alone. This becomes increasingly important if one of your goals as an article writer is to increase the number of clicks that your client gets on his or her website or blog.

A good title usually incorporates the SEO friendly keywords for your article. Keeping it short is also a good idea; try to use no more than six or seven words in your title.

Don’t limit yourself to a descriptive or declarative title. You can also make use of the interrogative form (e.g., Do You Need to Hire Additional Staff?) or the imperative form (e.g., De-clutter Your Home or Office Today). List-types articles have become increasingly popular, so titles like “7 Reasons Why Start-ups Succeed” are also a good place to start.

It would also be advisable to steer clear of quotation marks since search engines tend to skip over them.

  1. Creative-WritingDo proofread your articles before publishing or submitting them. Spelling or grammatical errors are pretty common among writers, but you should take the utmost care to eliminate as many of them from your copy anyway. Most word-processing programs have built-in spelling and grammar checks, and there are also programs on the Internet that offer similar services.

It may also be a good idea to ask a friend to proofread your articles since they will be more likely to spot errors when they read your work with fresh eyes.

It may seem like a small thing, but these sorts of errors do detract from your credibility and authority as an article writer.